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by jana on June 23, 2012

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I’m a little behind on this post… #1 because my computer crashed on my first attempt to post this blog and #2 because you, sweet Kaylin, are very mobile these days and it is hard for me do anything without you wanting to crawl up my leg. So here we go!

I cannot believe you are 8 months old! The time has been flying ever since you hit 6 months. I love it! Don’t get me wrong, I totally miss the days of holding and snuggling you in my arms as you took multiple naps a day (0-3mo old). I do not, however, miss the days of having to jump up and down, wave objects in front of you, and act completely ridiculous in order to entertain you, because you were stuck on your back staring at the ceiling (3-5.5 mo old). But you must continue to grow, and I am really really enjoying you take off on new adventures each day. You are cracking us up everyday and it is so much fun.

You started crawling when you were a 7 months and 1 week old. It was a slow start and you could only move a few inches forward, but once you got the hang of it you were off. After you mastered crawling you started to vocalize a little more, saying Ooooo and Ahhhh, forming your mouth so cute that we would just smile at how hard you were trying. You stopped vocalizing after you decided that “pulling up” on things was more entertaining.

It is completely normal to focus on one thing at a time, and you have always been more physically focused. Now that both crawling and pulling up on things has been mastered you have really started babbling. It’s like you are having a real conversation with us in “baby” talk, unfortunately we cannot understand you yet, but we love listening to you.

With  more mobility comes more accidents!  You fall down a lot more and we find ourselves trying to soothe/distract you as quickly as possible, because this face breaks our heart…

If we walk you outside, make silly faces, or give you a ball/easter egg to distract you, you usually start smiling and playing again.

However, a few tumbles have required longer cuddles from mommy or daddy. But, you must continue to get up and try, try again. It is true, that once you are a parent you realize how much you love your child and only want to encourage them to keep going and try again.  Our heavenly Father wants us to keep going when we fall down or things get tough, as well. We hope to show you the same kind of love that God has shown us through our past trials and tribulations. We will fail and fall down many times as parents, but with God’s help and direction we will keep trying to do right by you. Love you lots Kaylin Rae!

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Brooke June 23, 2012 at 10:23 pm

I love that little sneaky face behind the walker. Too cute! And yes, the cry faces are heart wrenching. I can’t believe how big she is getting! And am of course super jealous of her sleep. I can only imagine what that must be like…


mommy June 23, 2012 at 10:41 pm

Brooke- She wakes once a night to nurse (and of course there are “bad” nights!!). We all have our reasons for being a little jealous for one reason or another. Your sweet Charlie takes a bottle and eats food giving you a little more freedom to go and do if you want. Wink! We just gotta appreciate what we’ve been dealt/given. They are both pretty awesome, & I know neither of us would trade them.


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