Father Friday: Time

by chris on June 8, 2012

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A few days ago your mom pulled out an outfit that you wore when you were a newborn. She held it up to her, looked at me and pushed out her bottom lip. We are excited to see you growing and changing, but we’re sad that time is already moving so quickly. You’ve changed so much and each day you are more beautiful.

I hope you enjoy reading all the stories your mother and I are documenting on this blog. We do it because we want to try and hold on to every special moment we have with you. We want to remember all the smiles you’ve brought us these last seven months.

I remember when you were only two months old and frustrated because you couldn’t move around on your own. I would strap you to my chest and walk around the house reading a picture book to you. Today we laugh as you chase toys across the floor.

You won’t remember any of the stories we’ve written, but I hope these stories communicate just how much we loved you even before you could return that love.

I love you,


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