Father Friday: Your Story – Part 1

by chris on June 15, 2012

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Your Mimi once told us that life is like climbing a rope. Times of great faith build knots in our rope and for those days when we can barely hold on, those faith knots give us something to cling to, providing the needed support for us to keep climbing.

ZZ7CD47E35.jpgThis story is one of those knots. It’s the story of how God changed our plans and made them His plan.

July 2008
The story begins three years into our marriage. We had decided that three years of marriage was a good time to start our family. Several months went by and we began to wonder how many more negative pregnancy tests we’d see. We should have bought those tests in bulk, because it would have saved us a lot of money.

November 2008
With negative pregnancy tests weighing heavily on our minds we attended our weekend church services as we did every week. At the end of the service we committed to take a step of faith and give an additional amount of money, over and above our tithes, to the church. We did this not because we wanted to buy God’s blessings, but because we wanted to demonstrate our faith in Him not our finances.

Our faith was soon tested. Two weeks later I was fired from my job on a Friday afternoon. Weeks went by without any job interviews. As we started to feel the impact of my lost wages we made a pledge that would change our lives forever. We would not stop our commitment we had made to God. We would continue to give even when we there was no hope in sight.

We celebrated the beginning of 2009 with no job for me and no pregnancy for Jana. We had a long way to go.

I love you,


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