Father Friday: Your Story – Part 2

by chris on June 22, 2012

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It’s now January 2009 and I’m unemployed. I remember sending my resumé to many different companies, but I never got an email back. I even went for a couple interviews, but they never worked out. I prayed that God would send me the perfect job, but that’s not what He had in mind.

ZZ404AD8BE.jpgA few weeks into 2009 I was blessed with the opportunity to write blogs and manage social accounts for a few businesses. I was excited for the chance to work at home and shortly afterwards I launched my new business!

This blessing is especially close to my heart because I had nothing to do with the success of my blogging business. I knew nothing about how a business worked, but by the grace of God I was able to manage working from home. Several years later God told me that as long as I stay focused on Him my business would continue to thrive and to this day God has blessed my business beyond my expectations.

Jumping back now to March 2009, your mother and I made a decision to start seeing a fertility doctor. Looking back it is amazing to me that God would so richly bless one area of our life while we so quickly strayed from Him in another. In the next twelve months we would experience our most painful event of all, the miscarriage of our first child.

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