Father Friday: Your Story – Part 3

by chris on June 29, 2012

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March 2009 began twelve months of varying levels of fertility treatments. It began with medications for your mom. In early 2010 we began more intensive treatments at the doctor’s office. An appointment would be set for the procedure and the days preceding would be filled with worry and anxiety, only to be followed by two weeks of waiting for a positive result.

We still functioned like a fun loving, young couple. Meeting friends, sharing meals with family, and making trips. In this picture we were visiting the Texas state capitol. However, every month our world revolved around that one phone call from the doctor and in February 2010 we finally heard the words we’d been waiting to hear.

We were on our way to Houston for a fun weekend with your Aunt KK and Uncle gMoney. Before we left town your mother had given a blood sample at the fertility office and on highway 45 we got the news. We celebrated, screamed, smiled, cried, and thanked God. We called your grandparents and told them the exciting news and shared the excitement of telling your Aunt and Uncle in person. It was a thrill and a great relief.

I’ve asked your mom to describe what happened the next few days:

“Several days after returning from Houston, I started to worry that something wasn’t right. I had some cramping that I had been told was normal, but it didn’t feel normal. Ten days after getting the best news of my life, I lost the baby. I carried him/her for 38 days. I felt like my heart was ripped from my body.  I not only hurt from the physical pains of losing a baby, but emotional pain wracked my entire body. I wept like I have never wept before. I cried out “why God?” and shook my fist at Him, but then He met me in that moment. It felt as though He wrapped His arms around me, held me, and assured me that things would be okay. The next few days and weeks were tough, but I was encouraged that we could get pregnant and we would try again for another miracle.”

We love you,

Dad & Mommy

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