a quick visit to Waco…

by jana on July 21, 2012

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Two weeks ago Kaylin and I headed to Waco for a quick visit while Chris was on his sabbatical. I planned our days before we got down there in order to try to squeeze friends and family both in on this trip. I almost succeeded at seeing everyone. (sorry to those that we missed, hopefully next time)

Our first big feat was the car ride down there. Miss Kaylin Rae still hates the car overall. The dvd player helped some, but it was off/on crying the whole way. We survived though.

After arriving at my parents house Kaylin went down for a nap, and when she woke up Nenaw and Oppie (her great-grandparents) were there to greet her. She played bashful with them for a while and then relaxed and interacted a bit.

Kaylin would do something funny,  Nenaw would laugh, Kaylin would study her, and Repeat!  Kaylin was memorized almost. It was so cute because when she would look at Nenaw it would just make her laugh even more. This went on for a good while. I think it is so special that Kaylin still has 3 of her great grandparents. It’s a true blessing.

After dinner with Mawmaw (great-grandmother) and Aunt Sissy at George’s, we came home and sat outside to enjoy the nice, surprisingly cool evening on the back porch. Kaylin bee-lined it for the dog’s water bowl. (Luckily grammy had just cleaned it out, and it was clean and ready to be played with!)

The next day we had a play date with some of my friends from grade school and their kids. It was fun to see my friends and meet their little ones. We had lunch and chit-chatted while watching the kiddos. It’s amazing how hard it is to carry on a “good” conversation when we are all focused in on the babies and making sure they weren’t getting into trouble. But we accomplished having a good time and played a little catch up until the next time we could get together.

This is sweet Kinley, who will be a year old at the beginning of August, and Kaylin LOVED her doggy, Jake. She was obsessed and Jake was so gentle and let her pull his tail over and over. Mason, was there too but I didn’t catch a good pic of him. He was too cute carrying around his garden hose from home. The boy loves cords and water hoses. He was learning to share on this play date since the girls ended up liking his toys as well. Poor Mason was outnumbered. hehe!

Later that night we headed to my cousin, Garla’s house for a family dinner. Maryn, Kaylin’s cousin, was so excited to play with her and was full of questions. She wanted Kaylin to talk and play with her dolls. She had a hard time understanding that Kaylin can’t talk and do what she says. But overall she was fantastic with her, and when Kaylin gets a little older (like this coming xmas) they will have a blast playing together.

Aunt Sissy got to help Kaylin walk around in the living room before dinner. It is so fun to see your family loving on your little one.

The next morning Kaylin and I headed back home to greet daddy. The car trip home was a “little” better. I stopped at a Starbucks and that always helps. My ear buds blasting Jesus music also came in handy to drown out Kaylin’s poor cries in the back seat. That darn car seat restricting her like that, and keeping her safe. I couldn’t do anything about it. I just hope she travels better as she gets older, because man that was rough!

When we got home, Kaylin had to take a nap, so she didn’t get to spend much time with Chris (who missed her terribly), but when she woke up it was daddy playtime. Chris busted out the guitar later that day and I caught these sweet memories…

We had a great time in Waco, but there is nothing like being home and with your family, our perfect family of three!





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