Kaylin’s been busy…

by jana on July 8, 2012

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It has been quite busy in the Schaeffer household these days since our sweet little one has started moving and grooving. Kaylin is all over the place. She now knows how to find us, not that we are hiding, ha! If she hears our footsteps on the hardwood floor, she is looking around to see which direction we were headed and then proceeds to come after us. I have (sad to admit) ducked behind the couch to walk into the other room in hopes that she will stay in the living room and continue playing with her toys. Sometimes this works, but she is getting smart!

Not only is our little girl crawling she is cruising on all the furniture (couches, dining room chairs, kitchen cabinets, daddy’s desk), and so we decided to put her to the test. Her Aunt KK bought her a walker/toy, and we thought we would see if she could cruise along with it….(sorry for my high-pitched squeals in advance)

This video was taken a couple of weeks ago, and now she is even better at cruising with it.  She has yet to pull up on the walker herself and start going, but rather uses it when we have “practice time” down the hall on the carpeted floor.

What else is new…

A couple of days ago we bought a new camera lens and have been taking pics non-stop.  We decided to start taking pics of Kaylin enjoying her favorite things. (It is going to be hard not to show you every single picture, so prepare your self for a “photobomb” as they call it).

Kaylin loves going to the park to swing, and recently play on the jungle gym.

She loves to climb on the outside of the slide.

Climbing the stairs (with minimal assistance)

I see you!

Love that smile.

You want me to crawl to you?

Nah, Standing up is more fun!

Ok, I’ll crawl to you, but where did you go?

Later that day after nap, we headed to Gymboree (hence the same outfit). We enjoy going to Gymboree at least once a week, sometimes twice. Kaylin has so much fun climbing, crawling, and playing with all the fun stuff, and it’s also a chance for her to interact with other babies her age.

She loves playing peek-a-boo on this bridge.

Her favorite toy, a jingling bell! (She’ll attempt anything if you ring it)

Enjoys the singing and bouncing with the other babies at Gymboree.

Look at that concentration…(see the jingling bell she’s going after?)

She has so much fun at both the park and at Gymboree.  These two weekly occurrences are just some of her favorite things to do lately. We still go to the pool, swing on the back porch, go for wagon rides in the neighborhood, and of course play with toys on the living room floor. If we are having this much fun right now, I can’t imagine all the fun we can have when she really starts walking and talking.

But even with all the fun, there have been some growing pains too. Today on our picnic lunch at the park, our sweet baby was trying her best to soothe her gums with the hopeful teeth that are trying to come through. I had to catch these moments on camera. I think she looks so adorable even though she is hurting. (She is naked because she had a major blowout and I didn’t come prepared with another outfit, oops!)

Daddy walked around with her to show her the creek bed, but she wouldn’t let go of her washcloth.

Poor baby…

Now we are just waiting for that little tooth (or teeth) to make an appearance so we can get on with the fun we are trying to have, without it messing things up. She has been a good sport and she still makes us laugh in between her teething episodes. I have enjoyed the cuddles and snuggle time, since she almost never sits still anymore. Our little girl is growing up and bringing us tons of joy.  We cannot believe in just one week she’ll be 9 months old. I love it, and love her!

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Brooke July 9, 2012 at 11:52 am

What a cutie! And your pictures are so good! That girl’s gonna be walking in no time 😉


Mom 2 July 9, 2012 at 12:54 pm

Missing you,


Jessie July 10, 2012 at 11:07 pm

She’s getting so big! What’s the story behind her little necklace? Ive seen 2 other babies with similar necklaces (and they were boys) so I’m assuming there’s a story to it and its not just because she likes to wear jewlery. 🙂


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