10 months old…

by jana on August 19, 2012

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Kaylin Rae you are on the move! You are pulling up on the furniture and then walking to wherever you think you want to go. This makes us nervous sometimes, especially when you are in the kitchen and walking on the tile floor. You get braver by the day and your distance is increasing. It amazes us both to see you so mobile. The next big thing for you to accomplish is to go from a sitting position, to standing, and then take off walking. I hope this takes you a little longer to accomplish because otherwise I’ll never get to sit down!

We changed up your nightly routine and we LOVE it! You eat dinner with us at the table, but now instead of wiping you off and letting you play, we let you get as messy as you want and then take you straight to the bathtub for bath time! Your daddy watches you play in the bathtub, squirting water at you, reading you your bath books, and keeps you from falling since you like to stand almost the whole time.  Then after bath we let you have some quiet playtime and this has been your happiest time of the day lately. You talk and laugh, and play with your stuffed animals. It’s like you dog pile yourself on top of them, crawl with them in your hands and then repeat another dog pile. It’s hilarious. We also use this time to help you practice your walking. We let you walk to each of us and then increase the distance between us each time. You are up to 20 steps. You are so proud of yourself and sometimes throw yourself at us because you are so excited. This new night time routine has brought us so much joy. Spending time with you, a very happy you, is AWESOME! We love you soooo much!

Now this next month I am going to attempt at getting you to start eating better from a spoon, drink from a sippy cup, and take in some more calories besides just taking mommy’s milk. I am nervous about this endeavor and I hope you help me out little one. It’s training camp for both of us!

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