Father Friday: Your Story – Part 4

by chris on August 10, 2012

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March 2010, after we healed from the miscarriage, physically and spiritually, we came to a conclusion. We could no longer afford to pay for fertility treatments. The process going forward would only increase in price and our finances were suffering. This is one of my favorite parts in our story because your mother and I formed a commitment to pray and focus on God unlike any commitment we had ever made before.

Each night we would sit together at the table and pray together. The prayers started out focused on our own pregnancy issues and we prayed earnestly that we would be blessed with a child. I felt led to pray Daniel 3:17-18 over our situation. “We believe that You are able and willing to heal Jana and give us a child. But if not, we will still serve You.”

In April 2010, a few weeks after giving our pregnancy over to God, we experienced a breakthrough in our prayers. I had been reading about how Job, in the midst of his suffering, prayed for his friends. As we started praying for our friends and family the Holy Spirit moved and we experienced such freedom from our own grief. It was a very special moment and I will never forget how your mother sat at that table and cried as she prayed for others in the midst of her own heartache.

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