11 months…

by jana on September 23, 2012

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OH MY!!! My baby girl is almost one year old! I cannot believe it. It really seems like time is flying now. Kaylin is so active and always on the go. She walks everywhere! She still has to pull up on something to get going but walking is her preferred method of travel.

She makes a circle around through the living room, hall, kitchen and Repeat! I love when she only wants to walk holding onto my finger. It’s like she taking me somewhere or has something to show me.

She loves walking down the back hall to daddy’s office while he is working. She loves looking out the window even though all she can see is rose bushes. She plays all around Chris and his chair. It is so wonderful that she gets to have us both at home ALL the time.

Our new routine in the morning consists of going outside in the morning to walk down the sidewalk. She pushes her little walker (sometimes) and only wants to go, go, go! She will occasionally stop to pull up grass and then try to sneak it inside her mouth if I’m not looking.

I’ve been helping her practice walking in the grass since her birthday party is in the back yard. She has to be able to show off her cute little tutu wearing self.

As much as I am looking forward to her bday party (because I have been planning & preparing for 4 months), I’m kind of sad that she is nearing such a huge milestone. I was counting down the days until her birth a year ago and my sweet baby girl is about to be the big ole ONE. I love her to pieces and so thankful for my little miracle.

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