12 months…

by jana on October 23, 2012

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We’ve made it to 12 months and therefore this is the LAST month onesie picture! Kind of sad, but what a great year. I have learned so much in these last 12 months. I haven’t worked a “paying” job for an entire year…weird…BUT I took a job that has been the hardest and most rewarding in my 10years of working, and worth all the money in the world. I haven’t had any vacations, days off, or sick-leave, but I have had the time of my life. The good days definitely out way the bad ones. I feel complete, and more satisfied with this mommy job more than any other in my life. And how could I not when I get to wake up looking into this face every day!!!!!!


Kaylin you are the best paycheck EVER!

 Ha, I forgot you say “duck” too, and you wave to EVERYONE!

You are so much fun these days Miss Kaylin. You love to go find daddy in his office. You are the happiest when mommy & daddy are in the same room to play with you. You get to talking and singing, while being animated with your hands and arm movements. Recently you have been walking up to me and throwing your arms around me to snuggle. Melt My Heart a 1000 times!

You still are an OUTSIDE-kind-of-girl. So we play out in the front yard in the mornings, the backyard in the afternoons, and then back to the front yard in the evenings.  You crawl in and out of your wagon and your new PINK cozy coupe. We go on walks, you walk up and down the sidewalk, and we go to the park to play. You point out the birds flying in the sky, and of course all the dogs that walk by, and you have even more than once pointed to the moon and say “ohhhhh, oooooo, ohhhhh”

You are too cute for words!

Happy 12 Months to YOU!

…with many more to come!

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Brooke October 23, 2012 at 3:56 pm

She says so many words! What a smart little lady. Congrats on making it through the first year! She’s such a little beauty


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