an OWL 1st birthday party…HoOt HoOt!!

by jana on October 21, 2012

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After months of planning, the BIG day was here to celebrate my precious, God-given, miracle baby girl! I had so much fun planning, sewing, creating, and preparing for a Hootin’ good party! And I think it could not have turned out any better.

We were surrounded by over 50 of our friends and family. We played, ate, jumped, and celebrated with Kaylin (who was oblivious to her being the center of attention or that a ton of people were in her backyard–haha!) The kids enjoyed the bounce house, and Kaylin’s new climber from Grammy & Grandpa.

Kaylin was still napping when her party started, but you don’t wake a sleeping baby!!! She didn’t sleep but 15-20 minutes into her party, but that’s ok, my sweet girl already knows how to make an entrance! She had all eyes on her when she debuted her cute tutu wearing self. Her outfit was one thing I was not brave enough to make myself. Thank you Etsy! It isn’t just my partiality…she is cuteness with a captial “C”!

Chris, gave a sweet talk before we all sang Happy Birthday, about how this day was a celebration of life, and a reminder to us of God’s greatness. When we were on our knees crying for God’s mercy and the blessing of a child after two miscarriages, He heard our cries and blessed us with a perfect, healthy, beautiful baby girl. She will be forever a part of our testimony. Thank you Jesus!

Now it was time to SMASH cake!!!¬† Ok, mabye not smashing, but poking, tasting, and thinking about this sweet, yummy goodness called cake. The whole process took about 15 minutes before she had had enough. In the pic below you can see her throwing her arms out “signing” she was “all done”! haha!

She was covered in cake after her smashing fun, and of course, I have a child that refuses to wear a bib. So I took her inside, stripped her, and rinsed her off in the bathtub. I brought her back out 1/2 naked just wearing her cute bloomers and caught these pics of her striking a pose it seems….LOL!

Present Time…I would open a present, show Kaylin her new toy, put it aside, and then she would look at me like: “I wanted to play with that!” Ha! She received a lot of toys and cute clothes. She is happy to have new toys in her daily rotation. Anything with music, she bounces & dances up and down, claps, and squeals. She bangs her puzzle pieces together, and has already worn some of her cute clothes. She is one lucky little girl.

I made all the kids owl masks for part of their party favors. There is a pic above that shows most of them wearing them and posing for a pic, but I didn’t get Kaylin’s on her until later. Of course, she tried immediately to take it off but I had to get a picture of her wearing one, right??? Ha! Too cute!

Since the whole family was gathered around watching Kaylin open presents, we took the opportunity to take a group family picture. I love it, and love that we have been blessed with such an amazing, loving, kind, family.

We also at this point found out that Aunt KK and Uncle G are having a….

How exciting that Kaylin will not be the ONLY girl. She already has 3 boy cousins, so I am glad she will have a girl cousin to play dress-up, house, etc..with in the future!

Like I said, I think Kaylin’s OWL party was a huge success. Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We feel¬†truly blessed and loved. Not only by friends and family but by our great Heavenly Father. At a time in our lives when things around us in this world seem horrible, crazy, scary, & just plain “messed up” we are covered by the blood of Jesus. We strive to live everyday as though it is our last. We know our calling is to lead others to HIM and share our testimony. Kaylin Rae you are part of that testimony of faith and love. We will do our best to lead you, show you, and teach you about Jesus and His great love for you, daily. WE LOVE YOU!


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Brooke October 21, 2012 at 7:57 pm

What a fabulous party! All those details look amazing. You really did a great job. And that cutie Kaylin was definitely the star of the show! Love her little outfit. May she have many, many, MANY happy returns!


Lisa October 22, 2012 at 8:49 am

Great job Mommy!


Chris Schaeffer October 22, 2012 at 2:04 pm

Great blog! Made me smile all over again. It was a fun day.


Rena "The Mimi" October 22, 2012 at 3:15 pm

Truly a grand time celebrating the life of a child so precious and dear to my heart. Happy Birthday Kaylin Rae Schaeffer! Just wait until that Christmas tree goes up and all those inviting presents are again at your feet. You will be so eager to tear into those presents. Some of the best memories I have are of gathering with the family for Christmas. I look forward to making memories with you my dear grand daughter. I love you so much.


Jessie October 23, 2012 at 6:01 pm

everything looked great! Looks like all of your MONTHS of planning played off!! And Kaylin of course looked adorable!


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