fish, birds, and animals…oh my!

by jana on October 25, 2012

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I’ve already stated in a previous post that Kaylin loves dogs. Well she pretty much likes any creature that moves around for her to watch and observe.

When we go to Petco, to get dog food, we now have to lap the store and let her look at all the different creatures. Her favorite is  the bird cage filled with parakeets. They chirp and flutter around and she looks utterly mesmerized. She also tries to catch the goldfish as they swim all around in their fish tank. It’s so funny and cute to watch her.

This past weekend we stopped at a little street fall festival near our neighborhood and they had a petting zoo. I didn’t think they would let Kaylin in because of her size, but they did. She had a blast watching them all move around her. She pet the goats, tried to chase down a bunny, and attempted to quack at the ducks. Unfortunately, I think these animals are used to being trapped and bombarded by 1000’s of kids in a day, so they were really docile…EXCEPT for one duck that was trying to share with everyone that he was tired and pissed by snapping at the kids. Kaylin pointed at Mr. Duck and he obviously didn’t like that and bit her little finger. Kaylin didn’t know what to do with his nasty attitude and rude attack, but about 20 seconds later we had a full-on crying meltdown (just a little bit of a delayed reaction!) Luckily it was a quick cry and we moved onto  looking at all the people walking around. I don’t think Mr. Duck ruined her love for animals, especially dogs!

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Aunt Sissy October 25, 2012 at 2:24 pm

Looks like you guys are having so much making discoveries together! I know how she feels about Mr. Duck, I had a goose come after me once when I was little. LOL


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