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by jana on April 22, 2013

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Today, in honor of Earth Day, Homestead Farms, here in Keller, celebrated with snow cones, hayrides, and their animals. So, we packed up and headed out there with Ellie and Jessica to enjoy the festivities.

The girls first visited the chickens, and I had to warn Kaylin to not to pet the chickens for fear of them plucking her little fingers. Ha! But they did get to touch the baby chickens. Kaylin wanted to chase them around, and Ellie waited patiently for her turn to pet a chick up close.


Then we saw this cute little cut-out for the girls to stick their heads through. Ha, Kaylin looks upset that she is a boy! Girls can milk a goat too, ya know!


Next, it was off to go see the goats. On the way over to the goat barn the girls grabbed hands and walked together all the way to the barn. It was so sweet! I think my heart melted a million times. Ellie loves Kaylin and Kaylin loves Ellie!


In the barn we got to feed the goats some delicious hay! These goats were so friendly. One goat quickly poked it’s head out to greet us, and I thought for a second that it was going to snip at Kaylin’s shirt. Kaylin started petting and loving on this goat. The goat thought she had some food and “kissed” her hand. I told Kaylin the goat was trying to give her kisses, and she thought I was saying to kiss the goat! Whoa! Gross! But it was a good laugh!


We headed for the hayride next, but while we waited in the line, the girls wanted to go see the “horsies.”  They were quickly bored with the one horse and one donkey eating grass, and started to throw little rocks through the fence. They thought this was so much fun. Silly girls!


Hayride time! Ok, so it wasn’t very exciting (especially breathing in the exhaust of the tractor), but the girls seemed to enjoy the tractor pulling them around and trying to touch the tree leaves as they passed.


I love Ellie’s diva glasses and her smile in this pic, and Kaylin of course looks like she wondering why we aren’t moving yet!?!?

After all the fun in the sun, looking at all the animals, petting the chickens and the goats, and a hayride too, it was time for a yummy snow cone. Of course with this being a working farm that sells fresh eggs and goat’s milk the snow cones were corn syrup and artificial color-free, but still yummy! The girls loved them!


I love, love the top picture with both their mouths looking identical, with their lips puckered. Too funny!

We had a great time at Homestead Farms! I love these two people (Jessica and Ellie) so much and I’m going to miss them tremendously when we move to Houston in less than one month. I am however, so grateful for days like today and for God bringing Jessica into my life over 6 years ago! A soul-sister for life!

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Rena "The Mimi" April 22, 2013 at 8:09 pm

Snowcones make great memories.


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