by jana on August 15, 2012

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We are so excited to share this video of Kaylin walking! She is 9 months and 3.5 weeks old. Enjoy…

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Father Friday: Your Story – Part 4

by chris on August 10, 2012

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Start from the beginning: Your Story – Part 1


March 2010, after we healed from the miscarriage, physically and spiritually, we came to a conclusion. We could no longer afford to pay for fertility treatments. The process going forward would only increase in price and our finances were suffering. This is one of my favorite parts in our story because your mother and I formed a commitment to pray and focus on God unlike any commitment we had ever made before.

Each night we would sit together at the table and pray together. The prayers started out focused on our own pregnancy issues and we prayed earnestly that we would be blessed with a child. I felt led to pray Daniel 3:17-18 over our situation. “We believe that You are able and willing to heal Jana and give us a child. But if not, we will still serve You.”

In April 2010, a few weeks after giving our pregnancy over to God, we experienced a breakthrough in our prayers. I had been reading about how Job, in the midst of his suffering, prayed for his friends. As we started praying for our friends and family the Holy Spirit moved and we experienced such freedom from our own grief. It was a very special moment and I will never forget how your mother sat at that table and cried as she prayed for others in the midst of her own heartache.

I love you,


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9 months…

by jana on August 2, 2012

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KAYLIN RAE…You are an absolute blast these days. You make us both laugh and smile several times each and every day. You bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. We are so blessed to have you as our daughter. I look at you crawling everywhere, sitting on the floor playing with your toys, babbling up a storm, and I think back to how much we both prayed for you, dreamed of you, and hoped for you. You are ours forever and my heart overflows with love for you.

Okay enough gooshy stuff…

This past month you have learned to clap, wave, and entertain yourself quite well. Each day you get better and better at everything. We sat you in the rocking chair for the 1st time and you did not know what to think at first. Then we made silly noises and faces at you like crazy parents and you laughed at us. It was quite scary for me because I knew just at any minute you could go flying out of that chair. Ha! (you didn’t)


You still love playing with all kinds of balls. You throw them, chase after them, babble at them, and try to eat them.  Your Grammy keeps telling us you are going to be a star athlete (which is fine by me but your daddy…well… he’ll let you!) Your Auntie Angie bought you a dinosaur toy that bounces balls up and down and you absolutely LOVE this toy.

And now you are clapping. You were just learning when we took these pics but now it is a daily occurrence and multiple times throughout the day. If we laugh or cheer at something you did you start clapping. It is hilarious! You clap when you are happy, being silly, or feeling accomplished. We love it! We caught it on video too.


a quick visit to Waco…

by jana on July 21, 2012

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Two weeks ago Kaylin and I headed to Waco for a quick visit while Chris was on his sabbatical. I planned our days before we got down there in order to try to squeeze friends and family both in on this trip. I almost succeeded at seeing everyone. (sorry to those that we missed, hopefully next time)

Our first big feat was the car ride down there. Miss Kaylin Rae still hates the car overall. The dvd player helped some, but it was off/on crying the whole way. We survived though.

After arriving at my parents house Kaylin went down for a nap, and when she woke up Nenaw and Oppie (her great-grandparents) were there to greet her. She played bashful with them for a while and then relaxed and interacted a bit.

Kaylin would do something funny,  Nenaw would laugh, Kaylin would study her, and Repeat!  Kaylin was memorized almost. It was so cute because when she would look at Nenaw it would just make her laugh even more. This went on for a good while. I think it is so special that Kaylin still has 3 of her great grandparents. It’s a true blessing.

After dinner with Mawmaw (great-grandmother) and Aunt Sissy at George’s, we came home and sat outside to enjoy the nice, surprisingly cool evening on the back porch. Kaylin bee-lined it for the dog’s water bowl. (Luckily grammy had just cleaned it out, and it was clean and ready to be played with!)

The next day we had a play date with some of my friends from grade school and their kids. It was fun to see my friends and meet their little ones. We had lunch and chit-chatted while watching the kiddos. It’s amazing how hard it is to carry on a “good” conversation when we are all focused in on the babies and making sure they weren’t getting into trouble. But we accomplished having a good time and played a little catch up until the next time we could get together.

This is sweet Kinley, who will be a year old at the beginning of August, and Kaylin LOVED her doggy, Jake. She was obsessed and Jake was so gentle and let her pull his tail over and over. Mason, was there too but I didn’t catch a good pic of him. He was too cute carrying around his garden hose from home. The boy loves cords and water hoses. He was learning to share on this play date since the girls ended up liking his toys as well. Poor Mason was outnumbered. hehe!

Later that night we headed to my cousin, Garla’s house for a family dinner. Maryn, Kaylin’s cousin, was so excited to play with her and was full of questions. She wanted Kaylin to talk and play with her dolls. She had a hard time understanding that Kaylin can’t talk and do what she says. But overall she was fantastic with her, and when Kaylin gets a little older (like this coming xmas) they will have a blast playing together.

Aunt Sissy got to help Kaylin walk around in the living room before dinner. It is so fun to see your family loving on your little one.

The next morning Kaylin and I headed back home to greet daddy. The car trip home was a “little” better. I stopped at a Starbucks and that always helps. My ear buds blasting Jesus music also came in handy to drown out Kaylin’s poor cries in the back seat. That darn car seat restricting her like that, and keeping her safe. I couldn’t do anything about it. I just hope she travels better as she gets older, because man that was rough!

When we got home, Kaylin had to take a nap, so she didn’t get to spend much time with Chris (who missed her terribly), but when she woke up it was daddy playtime. Chris busted out the guitar later that day and I caught these sweet memories…

We had a great time in Waco, but there is nothing like being home and with your family, our perfect family of three!





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Kaylin’s been busy…

by jana on July 8, 2012

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It has been quite busy in the Schaeffer household these days since our sweet little one has started moving and grooving. Kaylin is all over the place. She now knows how to find us, not that we are hiding, ha! If she hears our footsteps on the hardwood floor, she is looking around to see which direction we were headed and then proceeds to come after us. I have (sad to admit) ducked behind the couch to walk into the other room in hopes that she will stay in the living room and continue playing with her toys. Sometimes this works, but she is getting smart!

Not only is our little girl crawling she is cruising on all the furniture (couches, dining room chairs, kitchen cabinets, daddy’s desk), and so we decided to put her to the test. Her Aunt KK bought her a walker/toy, and we thought we would see if she could cruise along with it….(sorry for my high-pitched squeals in advance)

This video was taken a couple of weeks ago, and now she is even better at cruising with it.  She has yet to pull up on the walker herself and start going, but rather uses it when we have “practice time” down the hall on the carpeted floor.

What else is new…

A couple of days ago we bought a new camera lens and have been taking pics non-stop.  We decided to start taking pics of Kaylin enjoying her favorite things. (It is going to be hard not to show you every single picture, so prepare your self for a “photobomb” as they call it).

Kaylin loves going to the park to swing, and recently play on the jungle gym.

She loves to climb on the outside of the slide.

Climbing the stairs (with minimal assistance)

I see you!

Love that smile.

You want me to crawl to you?

Nah, Standing up is more fun!

Ok, I’ll crawl to you, but where did you go?

Later that day after nap, we headed to Gymboree (hence the same outfit). We enjoy going to Gymboree at least once a week, sometimes twice. Kaylin has so much fun climbing, crawling, and playing with all the fun stuff, and it’s also a chance for her to interact with other babies her age.

She loves playing peek-a-boo on this bridge.

Her favorite toy, a jingling bell! (She’ll attempt anything if you ring it)

Enjoys the singing and bouncing with the other babies at Gymboree.

Look at that concentration…(see the jingling bell she’s going after?)

She has so much fun at both the park and at Gymboree.  These two weekly occurrences are just some of her favorite things to do lately. We still go to the pool, swing on the back porch, go for wagon rides in the neighborhood, and of course play with toys on the living room floor. If we are having this much fun right now, I can’t imagine all the fun we can have when she really starts walking and talking.

But even with all the fun, there have been some growing pains too. Today on our picnic lunch at the park, our sweet baby was trying her best to soothe her gums with the hopeful teeth that are trying to come through. I had to catch these moments on camera. I think she looks so adorable even though she is hurting. (She is naked because she had a major blowout and I didn’t come prepared with another outfit, oops!)

Daddy walked around with her to show her the creek bed, but she wouldn’t let go of her washcloth.

Poor baby…

Now we are just waiting for that little tooth (or teeth) to make an appearance so we can get on with the fun we are trying to have, without it messing things up. She has been a good sport and she still makes us laugh in between her teething episodes. I have enjoyed the cuddles and snuggle time, since she almost never sits still anymore. Our little girl is growing up and bringing us tons of joy.  We cannot believe in just one week she’ll be 9 months old. I love it, and love her!


Father Friday: Your Story – Part 3

by chris on June 29, 2012

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Start from the beginning: Your Story – Part 1


March 2009 began twelve months of varying levels of fertility treatments. It began with medications for your mom. In early 2010 we began more intensive treatments at the doctor’s office. An appointment would be set for the procedure and the days preceding would be filled with worry and anxiety, only to be followed by two weeks of waiting for a positive result.

We still functioned like a fun loving, young couple. Meeting friends, sharing meals with family, and making trips. In this picture we were visiting the Texas state capitol. However, every month our world revolved around that one phone call from the doctor and in February 2010 we finally heard the words we’d been waiting to hear.

We were on our way to Houston for a fun weekend with your Aunt KK and Uncle gMoney. Before we left town your mother had given a blood sample at the fertility office and on highway 45 we got the news. We celebrated, screamed, smiled, cried, and thanked God. We called your grandparents and told them the exciting news and shared the excitement of telling your Aunt and Uncle in person. It was a thrill and a great relief.

I’ve asked your mom to describe what happened the next few days:

“Several days after returning from Houston, I started to worry that something wasn’t right. I had some cramping that I had been told was normal, but it didn’t feel normal. Ten days after getting the best news of my life, I lost the baby. I carried him/her for 38 days. I felt like my heart was ripped from my body.  I not only hurt from the physical pains of losing a baby, but emotional pain wracked my entire body. I wept like I have never wept before. I cried out “why God?” and shook my fist at Him, but then He met me in that moment. It felt as though He wrapped His arms around me, held me, and assured me that things would be okay. The next few days and weeks were tough, but I was encouraged that we could get pregnant and we would try again for another miracle.”

We love you,

Dad & Mommy

NEXT: Your Story – Part 4

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8 months…

by jana on June 23, 2012

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I’m a little behind on this post… #1 because my computer crashed on my first attempt to post this blog and #2 because you, sweet Kaylin, are very mobile these days and it is hard for me do anything without you wanting to crawl up my leg. So here we go!

I cannot believe you are 8 months old! The time has been flying ever since you hit 6 months. I love it! Don’t get me wrong, I totally miss the days of holding and snuggling you in my arms as you took multiple naps a day (0-3mo old). I do not, however, miss the days of having to jump up and down, wave objects in front of you, and act completely ridiculous in order to entertain you, because you were stuck on your back staring at the ceiling (3-5.5 mo old). But you must continue to grow, and I am really really enjoying you take off on new adventures each day. You are cracking us up everyday and it is so much fun.

You started crawling when you were a 7 months and 1 week old. It was a slow start and you could only move a few inches forward, but once you got the hang of it you were off. After you mastered crawling you started to vocalize a little more, saying Ooooo and Ahhhh, forming your mouth so cute that we would just smile at how hard you were trying. You stopped vocalizing after you decided that “pulling up” on things was more entertaining.

It is completely normal to focus on one thing at a time, and you have always been more physically focused. Now that both crawling and pulling up on things has been mastered you have really started babbling. It’s like you are having a real conversation with us in “baby” talk, unfortunately we cannot understand you yet, but we love listening to you.

With  more mobility comes more accidents!  You fall down a lot more and we find ourselves trying to soothe/distract you as quickly as possible, because this face breaks our heart…

If we walk you outside, make silly faces, or give you a ball/easter egg to distract you, you usually start smiling and playing again.

However, a few tumbles have required longer cuddles from mommy or daddy. But, you must continue to get up and try, try again. It is true, that once you are a parent you realize how much you love your child and only want to encourage them to keep going and try again.  Our heavenly Father wants us to keep going when we fall down or things get tough, as well. We hope to show you the same kind of love that God has shown us through our past trials and tribulations. We will fail and fall down many times as parents, but with God’s help and direction we will keep trying to do right by you. Love you lots Kaylin Rae!


Father Friday: Your Story – Part 2

by chris on June 22, 2012

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Start from the beginning: Your Story – Part 1


It’s now January 2009 and I’m unemployed. I remember sending my resumé to many different companies, but I never got an email back. I even went for a couple interviews, but they never worked out. I prayed that God would send me the perfect job, but that’s not what He had in mind.

ZZ404AD8BE.jpgA few weeks into 2009 I was blessed with the opportunity to write blogs and manage social accounts for a few businesses. I was excited for the chance to work at home and shortly afterwards I launched my new business!

This blessing is especially close to my heart because I had nothing to do with the success of my blogging business. I knew nothing about how a business worked, but by the grace of God I was able to manage working from home. Several years later God told me that as long as I stay focused on Him my business would continue to thrive and to this day God has blessed my business beyond my expectations.

Jumping back now to March 2009, your mother and I made a decision to start seeing a fertility doctor. Looking back it is amazing to me that God would so richly bless one area of our life while we so quickly strayed from Him in another. In the next twelve months we would experience our most painful event of all, the miscarriage of our first child.

I love you,


NEXT: Your Story – Part 3

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Father Friday: Your Story – Part 1

by chris on June 15, 2012

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Your Mimi once told us that life is like climbing a rope. Times of great faith build knots in our rope and for those days when we can barely hold on, those faith knots give us something to cling to, providing the needed support for us to keep climbing.

ZZ7CD47E35.jpgThis story is one of those knots. It’s the story of how God changed our plans and made them His plan.

July 2008
The story begins three years into our marriage. We had decided that three years of marriage was a good time to start our family. Several months went by and we began to wonder how many more negative pregnancy tests we’d see. We should have bought those tests in bulk, because it would have saved us a lot of money.

November 2008
With negative pregnancy tests weighing heavily on our minds we attended our weekend church services as we did every week. At the end of the service we committed to take a step of faith and give an additional amount of money, over and above our tithes, to the church. We did this not because we wanted to buy God’s blessings, but because we wanted to demonstrate our faith in Him not our finances.

Our faith was soon tested. Two weeks later I was fired from my job on a Friday afternoon. Weeks went by without any job interviews. As we started to feel the impact of my lost wages we made a pledge that would change our lives forever. We would not stop our commitment we had made to God. We would continue to give even when we there was no hope in sight.

We celebrated the beginning of 2009 with no job for me and no pregnancy for Jana. We had a long way to go.

I love you,


NEXT: Your Story – Part 2

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impromptu photoshoot…

by jana on June 13, 2012

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Kaylin recently had her 6month photoshoot (She actually turned 7months on day of shoot), and my good friend, Amanda, took her photos.  They turned out great and Amanda did an exceptional job, however little Kaylin did not smile once!! She was not feeling well (another teething episode without a tooth to show for it), and was WAY to distracted by all the people in the park to focus on smiling.

So this last week while my sister was in town we played with her new camera, and took some pics of Kaylin. Our main objective was to take pics for a Father’s Day present. It was a complete success! The Father’s day project turned out great (already gave it to Chris–I couldn’t wait!) and along with that we took some other pics since Kaylin was in a fantastic smiley mood! Praise the Lord! So here is her impromptu photo session…



You are too cute for words Kaylin Rae! I am so glad you were in a smiley mood so I could catch your cuteness on film for others to see!

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